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The diversity of cultures in Queens is in Jackson Heights, with many people from South Asia and Latin America; or in Astoria, where we found a small Greek town, also with high presence of Hispanics; or in Flushing, where we find another Chinatown.

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. In it is the residence of the famous baseball team New York Mets. It also hosts the US Open. In fact, it looks like scenario in many films. It was built for the 1939 New York World's Fair, from a dumpster that was termed "a valley of ashes" in The Great Gatsby. The park also played a very important role in the movie Iron Man 2, there was a scene where the Uniesfera shown.
May 09. Flushing Park. 11:00 am.

You and your Pet with clothing that identifies your country or culture

Abril 18. Jackson Heights. 1:30 pm.


11:00 am.11:30am. Register. Photos in the step repeat and red carpet.
11:30 am.11: 40 am. opening
11:40 to 12:30 p.m. Costumes in Latin America. By Ada Nieves.
Folk dance of Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador.
12:30. to 1:00 pm. Showcase public with costumes in Latin America *.
1:00 pm. to 1:30 pm. Costumes from Asia. By Jorge Negrin.
Two folk dances from Asia (China and India).
1:30 pm. to 2:00 pm. Public Showcase with Asian Costumes.
2:15 pm. to 2:45 pm. Costumes from Europe. By Joana Aqua.
Folk dance of Poland, Spain and Greece.
3:00 pm. 3:30 pm. Showcase costumes in Europe.
3:30 pm. to 4:00 pm. Public Costumes Mexico. By Miguel Rodriguez.
Two folk dances of Mexico.
4:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Presentation on stage of pets in costumes of countries. Photos and videos to the media.
4:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Costumes from Central America and the Caribbean.
Folk dance of the Dominican R., Honduras and Guatemala.
5:00 pm. to 6:00 pm. Closing. USA. Superheroes and stars.
​* Participating pets and their owners dressed in traditional costume of their countries.

Tasting the delicious cuisine of the various countries threw out the day.  

PETS OF THE WORLD  (Mayo 09, 2016) 

Flushing Park Fountain of The Planets 
Queens has the highest population density and greater cultural diversity of the United States. The people who came from other countries make up almost half of the county's population and no nationality or ethnic group still dominates the racial composition of Queens.
The new generations grow up and live under the influence of a diverse culture that arrived worldwide in the last century.In this cultural diversity we will dedicate the event Pets of the World, where they can participate, owners and their Pets and Wildlife dressed in costumes of their culture or nationality. It can be costumes of celebrities

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