The last event was  the Pre Oscar's in Chinatown (New York) was in favor of, an association non-profit that promotes events for pets, particulary dogs of all sizes, breeds and colors participating  in good family fun.

In other cases, the replica dresses of the Hollywood stars are modified to fit the design of the puppy, getting amazing results. "One of the best dresses have been worn by the actress and Oscar winner, Halle Berry who wore a Ellie Saab, In his canine version the original embroidery was replaced by red roses and golden leaves, thus being a spectacular dress elegantly exhibited by Chihuahua ChaiLatte at the last event in February. "

Dog Party
Mi Perrito y yo

"Because puppies are very different from the human physical structure, they choose those dresses that can be altered and adjusted to serve the puppies that will wear them, explains this enthusiastic and very talented woman", said Nieves, who participate and creates numerous animal events in New York.

Ada Nieves has designed special costumes to dress dogs in Hollywood films, and has among its clients renowned sports stars, film and entertainment, etc. This New York designer, born in Puerto Rico, created animal and dog events in new york city, is one of the most recognized figures in the world of Pet fashion in Manhattan, where the fashion industry generates millions of dollars a year.

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New York. Mauricio Hernández (text and photos)

The designer Ada Nieves presents the Oscar's Pet Pre Manhattan, created in 2005 by It is a catwalk of dogs dressed in replicas of the costumes wore the year before of the great film celebrities in the awards gala held in Hollywood to recognize the best actors and actresses of cinema in the world.

Since then, puppies in New York, and from other cities in the United States, walk proud with his parents on the red carpet to recognize the ingenuity of designers to tailor suits of humans to dogs. Many parents are dressed in the same outfit.
Created in New York (2005) by DPF PUPSCOUTS
The Dog Awards Oscar's 2015
Pets and parents enjoyed an unforgettable party, with its gowns
Events for pets

My Pet

"Every year I look forward Oscar's, not just for movies and prizes that will give, but to see the catwalk of celebrities with their amazing outfits that reflect your personality, or maybe even wanting to do an expression of ideas" Ada Nieves says, the "Ada Godmother" of pets in New York.

Puppies and their parents, anxiouslly wait for the arrival of that magical evening of the canine Pre Oscars party thats held every year in Manhattan.

One of the acclaimed models, both on the red carpet of Oscar's, as in canine red folder, use  the dress Julia Roberts wore, designed by Valentino. "The combination of black suit with white accents makes it very classy and elegant. Mimi, another fabulous model Chihuahua, wore it as a complete winner. But my favorite canine version is a red suit that simulates that Emma Stone in Giambattista . I believe the tie at the neck makes it look like everything is a pretentious 'dog' Party", says Ada Nieves.

  And the 'gentlemen' dogs are not left behind; paraded canine versions of the orginal worn by the famous Jaime Foxx, Tom Hanks, Chris Hemsworth, among others, "I choose to recreate,  their colors are different  from the classic black tuxedo" explains the designer.


"In the last decade, I have made replicas stares  included Johnny Dep, Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and many more," said Nieves, who is also co-chair of the New York Fashion Show to be held for ten years in Manhattan.

"Some designs have not been very well received by fashion critics, like the one used by Hillary Swank (Christian Dior), the one with great success was when that dress  woren by the Chihuahua Simi, which looked spectacular, much more elegant and beautiful than the Original developed for humans", adds Ada Nieves.

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